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Transport operators

Software solutions for transport operators

APPIA.trans is a software to efficiently manage the transport of goods using in-house resources or carriers. Discover how APPIA.trans can optimize your transport costs through delivery route planning wizards.

It integrates with carriers and issues transport documents. It’s so easy! What’s more, discover how easy to share a website with your clients is so it can track shipments and access to proof of delivery (POD) documents.


Software for transport operators

  • Dispatch management. Best-price criterion. Shipping orders
  • Integration with carriers
  • Shipment tracking and access to proof of delivery (POD)
  • Chemical warehousing management
  • Billing
  • Full integration with other systems


Enter a new dimension in your warehouse management system with APPIA.rf.voice. Agility and usability as you’ve never imagined them before through the unbeatable combination of barcode scanning and voice capabilities. Customize the operation, tailor it to your needs and get to work. It’s so easy!


Share a website with your clients so they can track shipments and access to proof of delivery (POD) documents, as well as order pickups and deliveries. Strengthen your technology showcase for clients with APPIA.go while cutting costs and eliminating errors.

Your deliveries in real time with Drivers receive scheduled pickups and deliveries on their cell phones and confirm them online with their signatures, photos and remarks. A great add-on for deliveries using in-house resources.


View the day-to-day operations and processes of of your warehouse and your favorite KPIs. Decide where to place the monitors and TVs and what to show on each one, and let APPIA.monitor do the rest. Integrates Microsoft PowerBI technology.


Leave routine tasks to APPIA.tabula, save time and avoid forgetting things. This robot automatically performs scheduled tasks at the scheduled intervals. It can send and import files, print, send emails, integrate with clients, suppliers, carriers and much more.

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We’re a unique company that thinks differently. We’re your companions on the journey. This is why our all-in-one rental service covers everything from the first minute of set-up to commissioning of the software. What’s more, it’s a risk-free option because it comes with no minimum contract terms or penalties. We make it easy for you.

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