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Logistic operators


APPIA.adp is a software designed for logistic operators which brings together a warehouse management system (WMS) and a logistics billing solution.

Simplicity and adaptability are the two key advantages of APPIA.adp when it comes to managing multi-client operations.

Barcode terminals optimize diverse and complex plant operations through a user-friendly interface that delivers agility and zero errors. The flexibility of the prices and the ease of applying to the operator’s different clients make the billing process extremely simple and secure.


Software for logistic operators

  • Warehouse design. Inbound and outbound logistics management.
  • Stock management. Traceability.
  • Chemical warehousing/dangerous goods management.
  • Logistics billing. Customizable prices.
  • Full integration with other systems.


Enter a new dimension in your warehouse management system with APPIA.rf.voice. Agility and usability as you’ve never imagined them before through the unbeatable combination of barcode scanning and voice capabilities. Customize the operation, tailor it to your needs and get to work. It’s so easy!


Ensure maximum transparency for your clients by providing them with order and stock information online. Still wondering whether you’ll save on customer service costs with APPIA.edia? Go digital.


View the day-to-day operations of your warehouse, processes and your favorite KPIs. Decide where to place the monitors and TVs and what to show on each one, and let APPIA.monitor do the rest. Integrates Microsoft PowerBI technology.


Leave routine tasks to APPIA.tabula, save time and avoid forgetting things. This robot automatically performs scheduled tasks at the scheduled intervals. It can send and import files, print, send emails, integrate with clients, suppliers or carriers, and much more.

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Frequently asked questions

A logistic software can have an infinite number of functionalities and must be flexible enough to adapt our specific needs, because each company require different functionalities. However, there are some very common ones that any software for a logistics company should have:

  • Stock control and management.
  • Traceability.
  • Process automatization.
  • Logistic services invoicing.
  • Integration with invoicing and accounting programs.
  • Integration with third party systems (customers, transport companies…).

Logistic management software is essential for the day-to-day operations of any logistics company, as the increasing complexity of the sector and the growing number of number of references and orders to be managed do not allow to do it with other methods. The main advantages of using a WMS are:

  • Faster throughout the logistics process (process optimization).
  • More control of the information at any point in the process (traceability).
  • Better communication with suppliers, clients, and final customers (integration).
  • Reduction of errors.
    Reduction of costs associated with errors, delays…
  • Increased customer satisfaction.

Although each company is different, there are some essential criteria to consider when choosing a logistics software:

  • Choose a software specifically designed for logistic operators, which is not an adaption of a generic software.
  • That it invoices correctly: automatic calculations according to time and quantities, possibility of adding extra such as palletizing or pallet sales…
  • That it has a good technical support team that can give you day-to-day support.
  • Bet on a company that keeps the program updated.
  • That the program is scalable and can be adapted to our current and future needs.
One of the main challenges for logistics companies is to improve efficiency. In other words, continuously optimize your operations and processes to minimize errors and reduce delivery times, while maintaining service quality. Thanks to a program for logistics operators, this is precisely what is achieved, automating processes to reduce errors and streamline tasks, while improving communication between the different parties involved in the supply chain.

Apps are a tool increasingly used by logistics companies, as they allow access to information in real time, from anywhere and at any time. To choose a logistics app for our company, we must consider:

  • Traceability: Order traceability, if possible in real time, is one of the main considerations to consider.
  • Calculation and optimization of the carriers to be used for each shipment is usually another of the most demanded functionalities.
  • Automatic notifications, to be update with the information that interests us, without the need to enter the app at every moment.
  • Flexibility, that is to say, we can adapt the app’s functionalities to the specific needs of our company. In addition to the first three, each logistics company may have different requirements, and the app must be able to respond to them.

A WMS (warehouse management system) is a system that, in a very simplified way, helps logistics companies to improve the efficiency of their processes.

Thanks to this software, logistics companies can perform daily tasks more quickly, as tasks are automated, reduce errors and have greater control of all information in real time (inventory and stock control, traceability of goods, access to all necessary documents…). In addition, operating costs are reduced due to errors in deliveries and orders.


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