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Racks and picking karts



At APPIA GROUP we have designed a family of smart devices to speed up picking and packing processes and minimize human error, with a return on investment of a few months.

We have re-imagined warehouse processes in open mind and integrated them with pick/put to LED racks and autonomous and intelligent picking/packing carts.

Connected to the WMS, these devices guide the pickers through lighting devices and receive confirmation of each operation. As a result, they minimize time and errors in the picking and packing processes


A rack is a shelf with horizontal and vertical divisions called cells and each one is associated with an order. The rack can be fixed or mobile and has front and rear access.

Batch picking is often more efficient than order-by-order picking due to reduced plant walk-throughs. The articles are collected in a massive preparation and, once in the preparation area, they must be separated by orders. The use of intelligent PUT-TO-LIGHT racks greatly speeds up the process and makes it error-free.

The separation is a cyclical process in which the operator reads each article with a bar code reader and deposits it on the front part of the rack in a cell that lights up with LEDs. When depositing it in the correct cell, it flashes green; when doing it in a wrong cell, this one blinks in red color. The process is repeated until all items are run out.

As the orders are filled in the cells, they flash green on the rack’s rear position, so the operator is able to empty them and proceed to pack and label the order on a mobile printing cart that can also be equipped with a scale.


The great advantage of picking carts is the preparation of several orders at the same time in a single journey through the plant. By putting smart devices on the cart to help the picker, the result is a drastic reduction in preparation times and errors.

The trolleys are equipped with a battery that provides 24h of autonomy and powers the various on-board devices: a light cannon that illuminates the cells from which to remove each item, a tablet that guides the preparation process, a barcode reader, LED bars that illuminate the cells in which each item needs to be deposited in the cart, a transport label printer, a scale, and other optional devices.

Some devices and technologies that we assemble in these racks and carts are:

Artificial Intelligence

They minimize the number of boxes and pallets needed with AI.


They use LEDs in carts and shelves to guide your processes.

Light Cannon

They use a rotating light cannon to focus on your target cell.

Illuminated push button

They use luminous pushbuttons with native integration in APPIA.


They listen and play messages to guide the operator.


They use lasers to validate or detect errors during extraction and introduction.


They record the weight of the order before labelling.


They print shipping labels instantly.

Incorporating these solutions in the daily management of your warehouse will show an efficient warehouse with better working conditions. Apply this competitive advantage and advertise it, don’t wait: get used to light cannons, smart cars, automatic error control. Perceive and let them perceive immediate results.

Are you worried about deadlines?

The implementation and start-up is fast, we adapt to your processes and their particularities with spectacular results.

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